St. Theresa's Parish
Shrine of the Little Flower
The Sacrament of Reconciliation

God wants to work in our lives.  His wish is that we know the joy that is ours in Christ.  He wants all those who have been baptized into Christ to know the fullness of life.  Unfortunately, sin often stands in the way of our experience of God's presence in us.  One of the great blessings we can receive through the ministry of the church is to be cleansed of our sin -its guilt and its burdens-through the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  As we turn from sin, and allow God to change our hearts, we will find joy in the Lord and experience a greater measure of the life God wants for us.

The examination of conscience below is intended to help you prepare.

  • Do I recognize God in my life through daily prayer?
  • Do I honour God by participating in the Eucharist each Sunday?
  • Do I reverence God's name in my speech?
  • Do I build up or break down relationships with others?
  • Do my words and actions reflect indifference or selfcentredness towards others?
  • Do I show any concern for the poor, the afflicted, the sick?  Do I recognize my obligation to stand up for justice?
  • Do I allow myself to be controlled by moods at home or at work?
  • Am I angry, bitter or resentful towards anyone.  How long have I harboured this?
  • Have I damaged anyone's reputation through gossip or lies?  Do I honour my parents?  Show respect for authority?
  • Do I give my mind over to lustful thoughts (fantasies or daydreaming)?
  • Has my language included off colour stories?  Have I watched TV programs that were pornographic or read similar magazines or books?
  • Have I acted impurely alone or with others?
  • Am I open to life in my marriage?
  • Have I been truthful in words and actions?
  • Have I abused my body through drugs, alcohol, food?
  • Have I participated in the occult in any way?
  • Are there any other areas in which the Holy Spirit is leading me to repentance?

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